No two are alike: some nestle amid mountains; others are surrounded by beaches and sea; and they all boast a remarkable array of green spaces. Some carry seafaring in their blood, have an industrial past, or have spent a thousand years welcoming pilgrims from all round the globe.

These cities, both large and small, are the backbone of Green Spain, offering you an urban interlude. The personalities that make the Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia unique were forged both in these cities and in the villages and countryside of the North. A distinctive identity handed down intact to the present day, through fiestas, celebrations, a passion for cuisine, and even their own languages.


Cosmopolitan Bilbao; grandiose Santander; reborn Avilés; and legendary Santiago de Compostela, just some of the cities that dot Green Spain and will accompany you on your journey. A city where you can surf for a couple of hours after work, or enjoy a quick getaway to the hills? We have several. A provincial capital with a packed cultural calendar and outstanding range of museums? That too. A town where you can eat fresh produce harvested in the market gardens the day before? All of them offer that.

The cities of Green Spain are vibrant, and boast an enviable quality of life. Here you will discover the hallmarks of the North, and a vast legacy of heritage. Past and present hand in hand; places where tradition and the latest urban trends live side-by-side, serving as your gateway to the other realities (peoples, customs…) of Green Spain.

An epic voyage awaits, on which you will come across the stone lifters of the Basque Country, the coastal rowers of Cantabria, the wild horse herders of Galicia and the nomadic cowherds of Asturias.

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