What do you feel when you sit behind the wheel and decide to experience the Spirit of the North? That’s easy to explain: with the Cantabrian Sea and Atlantic Ocean for company, you will see scores of floating islands, and witness dozens of rivers offer up their waters to the sea. Revel in beaches of all sizes, climb up to legendary mountain passes, drive along sections of such historic highways as the N-634, and discover the more modern side of the old industrial cities of the North. Along the way, dozens of charming villages and natural landscapes (caves, dunes, beach groves, cliffs and waterfalls) will bowl you over with these northern delights.


The Grand Route of Green Spain is divided into 16 sections or stages crossing through four of Spain’s autonomous regions (Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia) and nine different provinces. It has been planned out to allow you to discover most of their attractions in depth, while organising your route yourself, according to the time available. Just go with the flow along the Grand Route and the Spirit of the North.

The adventure begins at the River Bidasoa, alongside Hondarribia on the border between the Basque Country and France. It ends in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, after more than 2,500 kilometres of highways and byways. This is not the Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago, although it shares a number of landscapes, but something else: the Grand Route of Green Spain, a geolocated itinerary to guide you through the ‘greatest hits’ of northern Spain.

Have a good trip! Boa viaxe! Ongi ibili!

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