Did you know that the regions of Green Spain are known throughout the country for their fine-tasting cuisine and the appetite of the local population? And that their dishes, whether coastal or inland, focus above all on the finest ingredients?

In Green Spain cuisine is a cultural and social bedrock which goes beyond restaurants: traditional markets enjoy robust health, and there are numerous celebrations, fiestas, or venues such as ‘chigres’ and gastronomic societies focused on a fine plate of food or a good drink.

The Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia are each in their own way synonymous with quality cuisine, and great respect for tradition, having nonetheless incorporated the very latest trends.


The cooks of Green Spain draw on three of the very finest larders: the mountains, fields and sea. Resulting in a gastronomic culture which, among other aspects, has made this region home to fifty or more Michelin-starred restaurants.

A culinary journey through Green Spain could begin by snacking on a few ‘pintxos’ in the famous bars of the Basque Country; perhaps continue with the dishes of seafood, shellfish and octopus for which Galicia is famed, or feature the exquisite ‘fabada’ of Asturias as the main dish. For dessert? A cheese, cheesecake or ‘sobao pasiego’ sponge from Cantabria. And to drink? Any of half a dozen winemaking designations of origin from these regions would provide the perfect pairing. Dinner is served!

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