Sleep in a Basque farmhouse with the lapping of the waves in the distance, waking up to the cockerels crowing? Entirely possible. Spend the weekend in an old colonial-style Asturian manor house, reading a book in the shade of a palm tree? Whenever you like. Find a seafront campsite after a whole day surfing on the beaches of Cantabria? We have several to choose from. Relax at a spa with over a hundred years of history on a Galician island? Just pick a date.

A travel experience is only complete if you pamper yourself when sleeping as well, and in Green Spain we specialise in enchanting accommodation in amazing settings.


Whether you want to discover rural or coastal settings, or prefer an urban experience, Green Spain is furnished with an extensive network of hotels, cottages, delightful accommodation, spas and campsites, allowing you to continue the travel experience, even while you rest.

Dreaming is also a form of travel, hence the importance of finding the perfect place to spend the night, with Green Spain home to fifty or more establishments awarded ‘Q Tourism Quality’ certification.

If you love contemporary design and modern cities, Bilbao, Santander, Avilés and Vigo have the complete urban tourism experience in store for you.

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