You guessed it. Green Spain is so named because there is one colour covering everything. It dots the high mountain meadows, blankets the native woodlands, and stretches down to the very shoreline of the sea. It is not the only colour, there are thousands more, but it is omnipresent.

A green landscape means a diverse, rich and varied landscape eager to show itself off to those who know how to appreciate and respect it. And so Green Spain invites you to get to know it in depth, to walk it, discover it, swim it, climb it, ride and pedal it. To explore its caves and descend its rivers. The perfect territory for active tourism and adventure.


Green Spain is home to 2,500 km of coastline, two National Parks, 15 Biosphere Reserves, and more than 200 protected natural sites. All of which means a huge abundance and variety of ecosystems: from wild, dune-fringed beaches to native woodlands, along with high mountain landscapes, cliffs, marshlands, river gorges and caves. Without overlooking biodiversity: the birds that stop off here on their migratory journeys, or species such as bears, who have found their future protected in these lands.

The length and breadth of all four territories allow you in a single day to combine coastal and mountain landscapes, to wake up alongside a beech grove in the Basque country, and a few hours later be walking along the sand dunes of Cantabria; to be dazzled by the heady sights of the Picos de Europa in Asturias, and perch atop some of Europe’s highest cliffs in Galicia.

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